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Traffic exchange program. Works?

Saturday, April 22, 2006
Many webmasters are interested in getting more traffic to their web site, especially the new web site. Without a doubt many of the new webmasters will have a try on the free traffic exchange program all over the internet. So the question is, does it work?

What's good about FREE traffic exchange?

What's bad about so-called FREE traffic exchange

Almost everybody who need to promote their website(s) have joined such services one time or the other. It's the lure of fast traffic that drives webmasters into signing up such services. But unfortunately, the quality of traffic you get from these services is inferior because it's just members who visit other's web site to get credits.
If you have a web site to sell something, traffic exchange program may not be a good way to get targeted customers and boost your revenue.
HOWEVER, if your product is targeting to a group of webmasters or people who sit in front of the computer all the days, traffic exchange program may be a good way for you to get targeted customers.

As I have mentioned before, you actually get "traffic" from those program and it is only a matter of fact on "HOW" you attract your customers to spend 1 min to read your products or your web site. The beauty of traffic exchange program is that, over 90% of the people in this program are either webmasters or marketers. If you have products or service targeting this group of people, traffic exchange program will no doubt be your number 1 choice.
Good program such as instantbuzz, trafficswarm and trafficg is a good way to get started if you are new to this "free" traffic exchange stuff.

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