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More clicks on Adsense needed? HERE you go !

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Is this you?

* You just bought an adsense website, template or sitemaker and are wondering how on earth
you're gonna get people to see the thing!
*You've set up a wonderful adsense, full of content website that you've slaved away for weeks
on, but nobody is coming to see... let alone click on your ads!
*You're well into your adsense "empire building" but the number of clicks your getting is
laughable and your wondering why you're spending so much time for such a little return!
*Your adsense sites are up and fully running and the click rate is "not bad" but you sure wished
you could be doing better!
*You have the adsense product to end all adsense products for helping website owners create,
develope or manage their websites... now you just need to get your message in front of them!

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Overall rating: 5/10

Comment: It really doesn't matter about "What it is"

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